When you see commercial buildings in the Rochester area,

the last thing you may think about are pests.


However, just like your home,

pests can have a major impact on any commercial structure.


Fortunately, most commercial property owners and managers

 consider pest management an “essential service”

to the overall maintenance of the property.


Food Handling Establishments have

unique pest management needs that

require the experience of a qualified professional.


Our services can be customized to control

most pests common to these types of establishments

and we will develop a service plan

that will provide the best results.



Hospitals, Clinics, Nursing Facilities, Doctors Offices and Retirement Communities

 can have very unique and specialized pest management needs.


The sensitivity within some of these facilities

 requires a professional approach

not every pest control provider can offer.

We can.



We have provided factories, warehouses, plants, garages

and other Industrial buildings with

reliable, professional pest management services

for over 25 years.


We can develop an effective pest management strategy

for any size, style and use

Industrial building or complex.



From two Family houses to 400+ unit Apartment Complexes,

we have the experience to solve all your pest management needs.


Bedbugs, cockroaches and rodents are of special concern

for multi family structures. Not handled properly,

these pests can quickly spread from one unit to another.


Did you know that having your unlicensed maintenance

staff treat your pest issues is against the Law?

Furthermore, inexperienced applications can sometimes

make matters worse and cost more in the long term.


Hire an experienced, qualified pest professional.


Commercial Pest Management


Commercial pest management is one of our specialties.  Customized pest programs for commercial properties of all types and sizes of Schools, Colleges, Office Buildings, Stores, Malls, Plazas and more.


We have  over 25 years experience

in servicing commercial property


Call 585-328-0990 for a FREE  professional pest analysis

For a FREE  professional pest analysis

 of your Restaurant, Bar, Lodge, Cafeteria, Kitchen,

Food Packaging Facility, School or Warehouse,

Call  585-328-0990

We have the experience to provide this service discreetly, thoroughly and professionally.

Please call 585-328-0990 for a professional pest analysis of your pest management program.

Call  585-328-0990 for a FREE

 professional pest analysis of

your Industrial property.

Call 585-328-0990 for a FREE

 professional pest analysis of your  Residential Property Units.


call 585-328-0990




Exodus Exterminating Provides Pest Control Services

for the following pests:



|Ants|Bed Bugs|Birds|Carpenter Ants|Cockroaches|Fleas|Flies|Moles & Voles|Mosquitoes|Nuisance Wildlife|

|Occasional Invaders|Pantry Pests|Rodents|Spiders|Stinging Insects|Termites|

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